Re:link is a 4-page supplement, which appears in The Sacred Heart Messenger magazine every month. Re:link is linked with the Religious Education curriculum and is produced and edited by a secondary school religion teacher. Re:link is not designed to replace textbooks, but it can be used as an additional resource for students, teachers and parents. What makes Re:link different from other publications is that it offers up-to-date information and examples in the way that textbooks cannot. Re:link produces information in a way that students can relate to, whether it be celebrity profiles, interviews with students their own age or through competitions.

You can find Re:link in the centre pages of The Sacred Heart Messenger magazine, which can be bought in many newsagents around the country, in your parish, or from a local promoter in your area. You can also subscribe online at messenger.ie or fill in the subscription form on the back page of this leaflet!

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